Osztrák petíció


Dear likeminded people in Hungary,
Hangglider- and paraglider pilots!

We have major airspace-troubles in Austria:
The ministery of transport (BMVIT) wants to introduce zones which cover big parts of our country, where every aircraft, including HG and PG has to carry a transponder, (Transponder mandatory zones), starting at 5.500 ft.

Even though no country around us has similar plans in the moment, there’s a big danger, that other ones will follow.

The AustroControl wants to fulfill a dubious EU- directive which, how they say, is so complicated, that only a lawyer is able to understand the juristically codified text.

The Austrian roofing bond of HG and PG pilots, the Austrian Aeroclub, is caught in a dilemma: It also represents the Austrian motor- and IFR-pilots.

We have founded our own platform which tries to prevent the nonsense of a transponder-bondage for hanggliders and paragliders.

A few weeks ago we have started an international online-petition to Mrs Bures, the Austrian minister of transport not to introduce transponder-bondage for Hanggliders and Paragliders.

We therefore ask you to link it to your website and to send it to your clubs to do the same.

Of course we will support similar petitions in your country.

Link of the Austrian Petition