Információk híján az ülésen nem vettünk részt, de az összefoglalóban leírtak hasznosak lehetnek. Megítélésünk szerint a fordítás szükségtelen:


Dear EHPU delegates

Here is a summary of the ESTC meeting 2013 in Oslo for the news on
Please let me know before evening Monday July 1st, if there is anything in the document, which is not to be published on the new site about this great meeting.
Otherwise it will be send to Petra for upload next week.

PS: I will be going on holyday next week for the next 3 weeks around Denmark (3./7-23./7-2013). I will be on my mail at different times, but I may not be able to answer so quick. 
So I wish for good flying weather in Denmark and to all of you wherever you are. J


Rasmus Rohlff
General Secretary
European Hang gliding & Paragliding Union –

EHPU ESTC 2013 Oslo for offical news (pdf)