Levél a DHV-től Sky Antea 2 balesetek ügyében


Dear Collegues,

I have a question regarding the paraglider Sky Paragliders Antea 2, EN/LTF C. (identical construction from MCC is called Insignia)
Within 9 month we have registred 5 accidents caused by asymmetric collapses with this modell. 1 fatality, 3 serous injured pilots, 1 uninjured pilot (reserve). (see accident report in German: http://www.dhv.de/web/fileadmin/user_upload/files/2012/sicherheit/Unfallberichte/Liak_2012.pdf )
The modell ist not very common in Germany, so the number of 5 accidents due to similar reasons is high.
I have spoken to the manufacturer and he says, that in other European countries no accidents became known. I had a discussion with him, because he did not agree with a part of the above called accident report, where I stated out, that apart from the fatality, 4 further collapse-accidents are known from German pilots. And yes, the number of accidents could be the result of the gliders behaviour, but just as well a result of a „statistical coincidence”, we do not know it.
Could you please tell me, whether accidents, especially caused by collapses, with this modell (or the identical modell Insignia from MCC) are known in your country. I would like to be fair to the manufacturer and I would add it to the accident report, if no other accidents are known in Europe.

Thank you and best regards


P.S: Our European Accident database is on a good way. Further informations coming soon.

Karl Slezak