Sárkányrepülő verseny meghívó


Why not take this opportunity to make the most of the European competition season in a stunning flying area competing against a number of national and international pilots?
British Hang Gliding Nationals 2010 and Chabre Open.
22-28 August. Laragne, France.

At the site of last year World Hang Gliding Championships we will hold this year British national competition which welcomes pilots from all nations in an FAI Cat 2 open contest.

The competition headquarters will be based at Camping de Monteglin with a full set of facilities including a restaurant next to the landing field. The village of Laragne has a vibrant central square Place de la Fontaine surrounded by shops, cafes and bars.

Laragne is situated in South East France, roughly half way between Marseille and Grenoble. It benefits from a Provence climate with mostly dry sunny weather. One of France’s best known Hang Gliding sites, Laragne-Chabre boasts exceptionally good flying conditions from April through to October. Well spaced ridges and valleys provide excellent potential for a variety of cross country flying tasks. Landing fields are abundant and valley winds are rarely a problem.

To enter, simply complete the form on the web http://rogallo.co.uk/comps2010:british-nationals. Here you will also find links to accommodation and tourist information for sightseeing and non-flying activities in the area. The subscription fee for the competition is 130 Euro or if paid directly in UK sterling 90 GBP (a discount at current exchange rates).

Pilots that need a retrieve service to pick them and their gliders up after they land and transport back to the competition HQ should Email british.nationals@gmail.com to check availability of remaining places.