I would like to invite you to the competitions in Slovenia this year:

20.- 22. MAY LIGA ADRENALIN KOBARID -OUTDOOR show (saturday)
5.-12. JUNY BRITISH OPEN (www.slovenia-pgopen.com/)

1. – 4. JULY RATITOVEC OPEN Zelezniki (www.klub-krokar.si)
12. -18. JULY XRACE Tolminu – new competition format!!! (www.xcontest.org/xrace/)

15.-21 AUGUST – JELKIN HRAM OPEN (+DUTCH OPEN) Kobarid (www.jelkin-hram.com/dutchopen10/)
22. – 29. AUGUST SLOVENIAN OPEN Krvavec-Kranj (www.klub-krokar.si)

Registration to the events: www.sffa.org/index.php/prijava

Registration to XRACE at XCONTEST: www.xcontest.org/xrace/registration/